Teaching for Learning


Teaching for Learning is Standard 1 of the ALA/AASL Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians.  It includes the following elements:

  • Knowledge of learners and learning
  • Effective and knowledgeable teacher
  • Instructional partner
  • Integration of twenty-first century skills and learning standards

As I pursue my Master of Science in Library Science, I will post projects associated with Standard 1 on this page.

Project: Empowering Learners
For this assignment, I had to consider a situation in which I had recently been hired as the new school librarian, and the principal expects me to be highly engaged in the learning community.  As an instructional leader and partner, my goal is to be sure the library program will be critical in supporting student learning, using one of the nine common beliefs from Empowering Learners as a guidepost.  I chose the following: Inquiry provides a framework for learning.

This week, the school principal has given me five minutes to address your colleagues at a staff meeting.  I created an online presentation composed of PowerPoint slides and an accompanying Knovio video.

Student Achievement Support Plan:

Group project: